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Discount coupons + codes

only valid online (website)


Discount in % Coupon Coupon Code
15% Order by phone/whatsapp +31636541664 (insert in online booking tool code-->> Airport15% 2 see your price)
30% Online booking only Airport30%
City 2 City for taxi rides Above 20 km
5% Above 20 KM City5%
10% Above 30 KM City10%
15% Above 40 KM City15%

Online booking

Booking a taxi/cab at Taxi Momentje is easy. We provide you with low and stable prices for rides from and to Schiphol and Rotterdam Airport. The price for a ride will be based on the amount off  minutes the trip will take, and the number of kilometers that have to be driven. We always use Google Maps for the most accurate calculation. On this page you will find everything you need to know for booking a taxi/cab ride. We  show you things that you have to keep in mind while booking one of our taxi's/cabs.

Booking a taxi/cab ride

The first thing you need to do is to fill in all the details for your taxi/cab ride. You'll see the price of the trip; this makes sure that you know the price in advance bill. When booking the taxi/cab, it is important that you possess an active account. The account will be automatically created for you while booking and send with the confirmation email. With this account you will get information about the booked taxi/cab ride and about the other things that are related to the transport. Make sure that you enter the correct date when booking. It is possible to book up to one hour in advance, but you should keep in mind that in this case there is not always a car available. This is the reason that we advise to book 24 hours before travelling.

Our system has many advantages for customers. The simple interface and the fixed prices will make sure that you have insight into your reservation. You can pay for the taxi/cab with IDEAL or with credit card, your ride is reserved and confirmed within 24 hours . Taxi Momentje is the single best choices for all people who want to be provided with the best transport for a friendly price.


City 2 City taxi

Taxi Momentje are also available for all people looking for regional rides, in addition to the regular rides from the airport. Through our taxi services everyone is able to take a taxi from any city in the Randstad to the airport, and vice versa. It is possible to book a taxi ride to the airport, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Rotterdam or The Hague. This wide range of possible destinations makes it possible for everyone from the Randstad to use a taxi/cab ride from the city to the airport or vice versa for the lowest price you can find.

A lot of different destinations

As already mentioned before, we at Taxi Momentje operate within a very large area. In addition to the cities mentioned above, you can also take a taxi/cab from Delft, Leiden, Zoetermeer and Alphen aan den Rijn. Some of the other possibilities are:

  • Taxi/cab Delft
  • Taxi/cab Leiden
  • Taxi/cab Zoetermeer
  • Taxi/cab Utrecht
  • Taxi/cab Schiedam
  • Taxi/cab Dordrecht
  • Taxi/cab Wassenaar
  • Taxi/cab Noordwijk
  • Taxi/cab Rijswijk
  • Taxi/cab Amstelveen
  • Taxi/cab Zaandam
  • Taxi/cab Hoofddorp.

You are at the right place for all the possible Taxi/cab rides to Schiphol Airport or Rotterdam Airport or book a city 2 city ride,. It is also possible to get from the airport to one of the cities from above, all the information that may be needed can be found here on the site. By choosing Taxi Momentje you will be able to book a taxi at any given time of the day, however it is wise to book 24 hours in advance to make sure that there is a cab available. We are known for our pleasant service and our low costs. If you are in need for a cab ride from another city than the ones on this page or if we have to pick you up somewhere else, you can always let us know what you will be needing. Taxi Momentje is the single best choice for the people who have had enough of expensive Taxi/cab rides. Thanks to Taxi Momentje everyone can be provided with the best transport for the lowest prices.